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This tibble contains data of a few different classes, which makes it well-suited for quick experimentation with the functions in this package. It contains only eight rows with numeric, character, and factor columns. The last 4 rows contain NA values in the majority of this tibble's columns (1 missing value per column). The date, time, and datetime columns are character-based dates/times in the familiar ISO 8601 format. The row and group columns provide for unique rownames and two groups (grp_a and grp_b) for experimenting with the gt() function's rowname_col and groupname_col arguments.




A tibble with 8 rows and 9 variables:


A numeric column ordered with increasingly larger values.


A character column composed of names of fruits from a to h.


A factor column with numbers from 1 to 8, written out.

date, time, datetime

Character columns with dates, times, and datetimes.


A numeric column that is useful for testing currency-based formatting.


A character column in the format row_X which can be useful for testing with row labels in a table stub.


A character column with four grp_a values and four grp_b values which can be useful for testing tables that contain row groups.

Dataset ID and Badge


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Dataset Introduced

v0.2.0.5 (March 31, 2020)