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Each entry in the films is a feature film that appeared in the official selection during a festival year (starting in 1946 and active to the present day). The year column refers to the year of the festival and this figure doesn't always coincide with the release year of the film. The film's title reflects the most common title of the film in English, where the original_title column provides the title of the film in its spoken language (transliterated to Roman script where necessary).




A tibble with 1,851 rows and 8 variables:


The year of the festival in which the film was in competition.


The title field provides the film title used for English-speaking audiences. The original_title field is populated when title differs greatly from the non-English original.


The director or set of co-directors for the film. Multiple directors are separated by a comma.


The languages spoken in the film in the order of appearance. This consists of ISO 639 language codes (primarily as two-letter codes, but using three-letter codes where necessary).


The country or countries of origin for the production. Here, 2-letter ISO 3166-1 country codes (set in uppercase) are used.


The run time of the film in hours and minutes. This is given as a string in the format [x]h [y]m.


The URL of the film's information page in the Internet Movie Database (IMDB).

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