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fmt_date() lets us format date-based values in a convenient manner using preset styles. The table generated by info_date_style() provides a quick reference to all styles, with associated format names and example outputs using a fixed date (2000-02-29).


info_date_style(locale = NULL)



Locale identifier

scalar<character> // default: NULL (optional)

An optional locale identifier that can be used for displaying formatted date values according the locale's rules. Examples include "en" for English (United States) and "fr" for French (France). We can call info_locales() for a useful reference for all of the locales that are supported.


An object of class gt_tbl.


Get a table of info on the different date-formatting styles (which are used by supplying a number code to fmt_date()).

This image of a table was generated from the first code example in the `info_date_style()` help file.

Function ID


Function Introduced

v0.2.0.5 (March 31, 2020)