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The google_font() helper function can be used wherever a font name should be specified. There are two instances where this helper can be used: the name argument in opt_table_font() (for setting a table font) and in that of cell_text() (used with tab_style()). Because there is an overwhelming number of fonts available in the Google Fonts catalog, the info_google_fonts() provides a table with a set of helpful font recommendations. These fonts look great in the different parts of a gt table. Why? For the most part they are suitable for body text, having large counters, large x-height, reasonably low contrast, and open apertures. These font features all make for high legibility at smaller sizes.




An object of class gt_tbl.


Get a table of info on some of the recommended Google Fonts for tables.

This image of a table was generated from the first code example in the `info_google_fonts()` help file.

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