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cells_source_notes() is used to target all source notes in the footer section of the table. This is useful for adding custom styles to the source notes with tab_style() (using the locations argument). The 'source_notes' location is generated by the tab_source_note() function. This location helper function cannot be used for the locations argument of tab_footnote() and doing so will result in a warning (with no change made to the table).




A list object with the classes cells_source_notes and location_cells.


Let's use a subset of the gtcars dataset to create a gt table. Add a source note (with tab_source_note()) and style the source notes section inside the tab_style() call by using the cells_source_notes() helper function for the targeting via the locations argument.

gtcars |>
  dplyr::select(mfr, model, msrp) |>
  dplyr::slice(1:5) |>
  gt() |>
  tab_source_note(source_note = "From") |>
    style = cell_text(
      color = "#A9A9A9",
      size = "small"
    locations = cells_source_notes()

This image of a table was generated from the first code example in the `cells_source_notes()` help file.

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Function Introduced

v0.3.0 (May 12, 2021)