The cell_fill() helper function is to be used with the tab_style() function, which itself allows for the setting of custom styles to one or more cells. Specifically, the call to cell_fill() should be bound to the styles argument of tab_style().

cell_fill(color = "#D3D3D3", alpha = NULL)



The fill color. If nothing is provided, then "#D3D3D3" (light gray) will be used as a default.


An optional alpha transparency value for the color as single value in the range of 0 (fully transparent) to 1 (fully opaque). If not provided the fill color will either be fully opaque or use alpha information from the color value if it is supplied in the #RRGGBBAA format.


A list object of class cell_styles.


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# Use `exibble` to create a gt table; # add styles with `tab_style()` and # the `cell_fill()` helper function tab_1 <- exibble %>% dplyr::select(num, currency) %>% gt() %>% fmt_number( columns = vars(num, currency), decimals = 1 ) %>% tab_style( style = cell_fill(color = "lightblue"), locations = cells_body( columns = vars(num), rows = num >= 5000) ) %>% tab_style( style = cell_fill(color = "gray85"), locations = cells_body( columns = vars(currency), rows = currency < 100 ) )