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For certain parameters, a length value is required. Examples include the setting of font sizes (e.g., in cell_text()) and thicknesses of lines (e.g., in cell_borders()). Setting a length in pixels with px() allows for an absolute definition of size as opposed to the analogous helper function pct().





Numeric length in pixels

scalar<numeric|integer> // required

The numeric value to format as a string (e.g., "12px") for some tab_options() arguments that can take values as units of pixels (e.g., table.font.size).


A character vector with a single value in pixel units.


Use the exibble dataset to create a gt table. Inside of the cell_text() call (which is itself inside of tab_style()), we'll use the px() helper function to define the font size for the column labels in units of pixels.

exibble |>
  gt() |>
    style = cell_text(size = px(20)),
    locations = cells_column_labels()

This image of a table was generated from the first code example in the `px()` help file.

Function ID


Function Introduced

v0.2.0.5 (March 31, 2020)