By default, a table header added to a gt table has center alignment for both the title and the subtitle elements. This function allows us to easily set the horizontal alignment of the title and subtitle to the left or right by using the "align" argument. This function serves as a convenient shortcut for <gt_tbl> %>% tab_options(heading.align = <align>).

opt_align_table_header(data, align = c("left", "center", "right"))



A table object that is created using the gt() function.


The alignment of the title and subtitle elements in the table header. Options are "left" (the default), "center", or "right".


An object of class gt_tbl.


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# Use `exibble` to create a gt table with # a number of table parts added; the header # (consisting of the title and the subtitle) # are to be aligned to the left with the # `opt_align_table_header()` function tab_1 <- exibble %>% gt(rowname_col = "row", groupname_col = "group") %>% summary_rows( groups = "grp_a", columns = vars(num, currency), fns = list( min = ~min(., na.rm = TRUE), max = ~max(., na.rm = TRUE) )) %>% grand_summary_rows( columns = vars(currency), fns = list( total = ~sum(., na.rm = TRUE) )) %>% tab_source_note(source_note = "This is a source note.") %>% tab_footnote( footnote = "This is a footnote.", locations = cells_body(columns = 1, rows = 1) ) %>% tab_header( title = "The title of the table", subtitle = "The table's subtitle" ) %>% opt_align_table_header(align = "left")